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Laser Penoplasty (Phalloplasty): Length

We treat every patient as an individual, addressing their unique concerns over the size or shape of their penis, and our world-renowned Penoplasty procedure refers to a number of techniques that can be used to produce the results you desire.

Laser Penoplasty (Phalloplasty): Girth

Our world-renowned girth enhancing procedure consists of three phases...

Laser Penoplasty (Phalloplasty): Length & Girth combined

It is possible to perform lengthening and enlargement of the penis during the same surgical operation.

Glans Penis Augmentation with Filler

Penoscrotal Webbing

It is a disease of penile and scrotal hypoplasia, which can cause an aesthetically displeasing appearance to the penis, pseudo-small penis and penile curvature...

Scrotal Lift

It is performed to correct a condition of excessive slackness of the scrotal skin which not only has aesthetic consequences but can also prove to be an obstacle during physical activity.


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