Specialist Case Studies / Penoscrotal Webbing & Lifting

With these images, we present an unusual case where scrotal webbing resulting from a high insertion of the scrotal skin on the shaft of the penis co-exists with a condition of laxity of the scrotum which contrary to what is usually observed is unilateral.

The technical difficulty of the correction lies in reconciling the two operations which appear to be mutually exclusive (correction of scrotal webbing and scrotal lifting). It is further aggravated by the fact that the scrotal lifting has to be performed only on one side or in any case intervening in a much more decisive manner on the right side - where cutaneous relaxation is more severe.

In order to have a successful operation we therefore had to remove a considerable quantity of scrotal skin on the left side and at the same time make such an incision so as to effectively correct the scrotal webbing as well.

The webbing was not central, rather it tended towards the left, while the laxity was on the right as the images show. Correction was rendered necessary because above and beyond merely aesthetic reasons the patient complained about pain and discomfort during physical and sexual activity.

The scar is longer than that of regular scrotal lifting or common webbing because it obviously becomes longer especially towards the right. Nevertheless that does not cause any particular problems because for one, scrotal tissue usually heals very well and two, we used very thin sutures, initially making subcutaneous sutures using a plastic surgery technique prior to the final closure of the cut.

The result is more than satisfactory. Once healed, the scar will be practically invisible as is always the case in the region of the scrotum. It is however crucial to take some rest days in order to avoid the most dreaded complication of this type of operation which is a scrotal haematoma.

The operation which also included circumcision lasted for 75 minutes using local anaesthetic and sedation. Discharge took place after 3 hours, with return to work (not physically taxing) after 4 days. The sutures are resorbable and the operation is not painful.

The incision was made using a surgical laser, which as known reduces bleeding of the tissues and therefore decreased recovery time and an absence of pain.

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