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Terms and conditions of use of this website.

By choosing to use the laserpenoplasty.com site, you implicitly agree to respect the general conditions of use and navigation set out below.
1. The laserpenoplasty.com site is not a substitute for a medical consultation The information and services proposed in the  laserpenoplasty.com site do not directly or indirectly constitute a medical consultation.  In no situation whatsoever should the proposed information and services be considered a substitute for consultation, or a diagnosis formulated by your doctor, nor can it be formulated as the promotion of  one or more medicines or treatments of any kind or nature.  The information available on the laserpenoplasty.com site cannot be used to formulate a diagnosis and to determine treatment or therapy and/or the termination of medical care, without first consulting your doctor or a specialist. By using the laserpenoplasty.com site you agree that the information at your provision can be incomplete and non exhaustive, and that this information does not deal integrally with the diverse symptoms, medicines and treatments appropriate for the different pathologies that may affect you.  Over and above this, the laserpenoplasty.com site does not guarantee in any way the results of the practical application of the information and  proposed services.  The results obtained from the different tests proposed, in particular, are of purely indicative value and do not presume the present and/or future quality of your state of health and inversely cannot be used to question your state of health.  As a consequence you agree that the laserpenoplasty.com site, Alessandro Littara MD and it's partners cannot be retained responsible for the information and services proposed and utilised and that the usage of this information and services is used completely under your own control, direction and risk.

2. Use and navigation on the laserpenoplasty.com site should respect the laws and regulations currently in force.  Choosing to utilise the laserpenoplasty.com site you are advised that all the laws and regulations in force are applicable on the internet.  In this light when you utilise the services offered on the laserpenoplasty.com site you are required to respect all the regulations applicable and outlined below, particularly:

- rules pertaining to authors rights and industrial propriety regarding the creation of multimedia and software, text, articles, brands deposited, images, the basis of information and images of any nature.
The laserpenoplasty.com site, and particularly Alessandro Littara MD and any of it's partners, are the  sole proprietors of  the  rights and intellectual and industrial property relative to the contents of  the laserpenoplasty.com site.  In this, regard we remind you that any mention of the existence of such rights cannot be suppressed, and any unauthorised reproduction , partial or complete constitutes an act of counterfeit.  It is also prohibited to quantitavely or qualitavely extract substantial information based on the information found on line in the laserpenoplasty.com site or to use this information in an abnormal or inappropriate context.

- the rules for the  automatic  treatment of nominative data

- the rules of public order, for example the regulation of pornographic, racist, or illegal material which is prone to offend the integrity of sensibility of another user or the image of the laserpenoplasty.com brand by means of  provocatice messages , text or images.

- rules relative to the private lives of the users connected to the laserpenoplasty.com site and third parties.  In this regard, by using this site you undertake to abstain from diffusing unjust, insulting, denigrating , degrading, or information which has no links to the proposed arguments  in the interactive services provided.

-regulations regarding press diffusion; in this regard , you undertake to abstain from defaming or injuring any user  or third parties connected to the laserpenoplasty.com site.

- regulations in vigour regarding informatic fraud.  In this regard you are required to abstain from the attempted intrusion or altering of information or parts of information in the  automated system dealing with information contained in the site.  You are also informed that such actions can lead to legal action.

In the interactive field, in particular, laserpenoplasty.com resverves the right to  suppress any content of any nature and in particular any message, photograph or graphic element that contravenes the laws and regulations in act especially those laid out below, immediately and without prior notice.

3. the use of a password
by accessing the site, you agree that you are responsible for the conservation of passwords that are given for access, restricted access and use of the services offered by laserpenoplasty.com. It is your duty to take the  safety precautions necessary for the protection of your password and login data.  In the case of loss and/or theft of  your password or login data by an unauthorised party, you are immediately required to contact us.

4. the interactive services of laserpenoplasty.com
All the current terms and conditions of use of the laserpenoplasty.com site are in vigour once you participate in the interactive services proposed on the laserpenoplasty.com site.  You are required to abide by all the legal provisions in act, especially those previously laid out.  In this regard only you are responsible for the information, messages, images and generally any information diffused using the interactive services and particularly the forum.  By utilising the laserpenoplasty.com site you agree that the laserpenoplasty.com site can take the initiative , without prior notice, to eliminate part of or all of any content diffused by you or directed to you through the interactive services, if said content violates laws and regulations in vigour or simple courtesy.  You admit to being solely responsible for the use that can be made of the contents, of whatever nature, diffused by you, and that laserpenoplasty.com does not check or guarantee the exactness, legality, quality and reliability of whatever contents of whatever  nature diffused through the interactive services proposed by the laserpenoplasty.com site.

5. security
by using the laserpenoplasty.com site you agree that, despite all the means actuated by laserpenoplasty.com and it's manager, internet has the technical specifications that imply that it is impossible for laserpenoplasty.com to guarantee the absolute continuity of access to the services and the response periods as much as the security during the transmission of data.  In any case uou agree that the information and services proposed on the laserpenoplasty.com site:

- can be interrupted at any moment without prior notice as a result of higher forces, voluntarily or independently of the desire of laserpenoplasty.com or for reasons that do not fall under the responsibility of laserpenoplasty.com, Alessandro Littara MD or of it's partners

- could contain errors of a technical or human nature

- could result in the loss of substantial data

6. guarantee
In general terms laserpenoplasty.com does not guarantee the completeness, exhaustivity, correctness and reliability  of the contents of the information and services proposed on the laserpenoplasty.com site even if Alessandro Littara MD and it's partners provide the means available  to offer a high quality content to the navigators.  In any case , Alessandro Littara MD and its partners cannot be connected to the use made by yourselves of the information and services  proposed on the site and/or of your navigation of the site.  You are required to respect the entirety of the legal regulations in force, especially those indicated within the present terms and conditions of he utilisation of the laserpenoplasty.com site.

7. general provisions
Alessandro Littara MD and it's partners reserve the rights to modify the provisions of the present terms and conditions of use of the laserpenoplasty.com site at any moment and without prior notice.  By continuing to utilise the laserpenoplasty.com site and navigating with it, you accept the modifications that have been made.  The present conditions express the completeness of the effort by the parties, and no general or specific conditions can be considered as integrated into the rights and obligations existing between the laserpenoplasty.com site and its users.  If one or more of the provisions are invalidated for any reason whatsoever, the other provisions  will still remain in vigour.  In the events of difficulties interpreting any of the clauses to which this document refers, the clause  shall be declared inexistent.  The current general rules are governed by the laws of the Italian State.

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