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Alessandro Littara

Prof. Alessandro Littara was born in Pisa on 15 April 1964. He is an authority in male genital aesthetic surgery thanks to his pioneering work in penoplasty, a technique he has performed since the 90’s and which he has continuously modified, improved and perfected during his personal experience with thousands of cases from all around the world.

  • Over 20 years' experience
  • More than 5,000 cases
  • Senior Faculty, Master Course in Penoplasty

Specialist Case

Specialist Case Studies



Penile Lengthening

Penile lengthening has the purpose of increasing the length of the penis. Other techniques can be associated to this procedure. During the same surgical session it is also possible to perform penile girth enhancement.

Girth Enhancement

For the enlargement of the penis autologous fat injection is a simple, quick and decidedly the least invasive and the safest surgical procedure. Let us see in detail what the method involves.

Penile Lengthening & Girth Enhancement

It is possible to perform lengthening and enlargement of the penis during the same surgical session. In fact the combined procedure is performed in >70% of cases, also because it ensures the maintenance of the correct proportion between length and girth of the penis.

Suprapubic Lipectomy

Suprapubic lipectomy permits fat to be aspirated from the pubic region using thin cannulas which permit excess pubic fat to be aspired. The suprapubic area will therefore appear flatter, resulting in a visual increment of the length of the penis.

Non-surgical Glans Enlargement

Glans Penis Filler consists in the injection of hyaluronic acid (a completely resorbable filler) into the glans, in the superficial intradermic area, using local anesthetic and a thin needle. The increase in volume obtained is about 15-20%.

Fat Purification Technique

Autologous fat is a natural component of the body that has been used in medicine, for almost a century, to treat soft tissue defects. Nevertheless, reabsorption of the grafted adipose tissue and the consequent post surgical loss of volume can render the results uncertain.


Penoscrotal Webbing

Penoscrotal webbing is an anatomical condition characterised by an insertion of the skin of the scrotum on the shaft. Correction is obtained using plastic surgery of the scrotal skin and it generally yields optimum aesthetic results.

Scrotal Lift

A scrotal lift is performed to correct a condition of excessive slackness of the scrotal skin which can have not only aesthetic consequences but can prove to be an obstacle during physical activity. It is performed using a scrotoplasty of the scrotal skin whose size has to be adapted to each individual case.


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