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The first pivotal moment of the consultation, an interview which lasts between 45 to 60 minutes, is represented by the "anamnesis", that is the gathering of information which will be used to evaluate current and past health conditions and the motivations of the patient for the operation. On with its recounting then, sometimes interspersed with a series of questions, first of a general character and then increasingly more specific which permit the doctor to acquire vital information also regarding lifestyle, any medications and so forth.

Once this phase is complete we move on to the subsequent phase represented by the physical exam: the general state of health is examined, the distribution of body fat and hair, the consistency and sensitivity of the testicles, the state of the penis and then measurements are taken.

The consultation continues with a detailed description of the requested operation – the surgical method, the type of anaesthetic, pre-surgical preparation, post-surgical course, achievable results, risks and contra-indications. The consultation serves to clear any of the patients doubts and answer all his questions and it is not over until the patient feels completely informed.

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