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What is penoscrotal webbing?

Congenital webbed penis is a disease of penile and scrotal hypoplasia, which can cause an aesthetically displeasing appearance to the penis, pseudo-small penis and penile curvature, and, in severe cases, it may inhibit penetration. As a result, this condition often leads to psychological distress and physical problems.

What is penoscrotal webbing?

Webbed penis is a deformity where the scrotal skin extends onto the ventral penile skin. This disorder can be congenital or acquired. The latter is more common and mainly iatrogenic, caused for example by overly aggressive removal of skin from the underside of the penis during circumcision.

This deformity can cause curvature to the penis, discomfort during intercourse, difficulty in wearing a condom and psychological distress brought about by the appearance of the penis, all of which can therefore create a need for surgery.

We know that the pathological anatomy of a webbed penis is the adhesion of full-thickness scrotal skin to ventral penile skin. The aim of treatment is to free the glans penis (if necessary), match the penile skin to penis length surgically, and restore a normal penis-scrotum angle. Using the technique described below we have corrected all forms of webbed penis.

Penoscrotal webbing correction

The penis is held gently at a virtual right angle to the abdominal wall. A longitudinal incision is made along the ventral-median raphe, from the bump on the penis to the scrotal skin at the level of the upper edge of the pubic symphysis, the joint that is located near the midline of the body between the left and right pubic bones.

The skin, subcutaneous tissue and superficial fascia of the penis are cut in turn. The scrotum thecae or sheath, attached to the deep fascia of the penis, are located. The thecae are cut from the urethral spongiosum, the tissue surrounding the uretha, and the ventral part of the penile spongiosum so that they can be separated down to the root of penis.

The thecae are then separated from the skin and pushed down to the scrotum. The scrotum skin is trimmed enough to allow extension of the penis skin, and the incision is sewn up. All patients achieve immediate cosmetic results after surgery, without severe complications.

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Penoscrotal Webbing


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