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What to expect
Your consultation will take between 45-60 minutes to complete. Unlike many clinics this is not a sales pitch. This is a medical examination by one of the leading surgeons in this field and during the consultation he will evaluate current and past health conditions and your motivations for having the procedure.

The consultation breaks down into three sections

1. The Physical Examination
The consultation starts with a physical examination: the general state of health is examined, the distribution of body fat and hair, the consistency and sensitivity of the testicles, condition of the penis and then measurements are taken.

2. The Ultrasound Scan
Unique amongst surgeons in this field your consultation will also include an Ultrasound scan. Ultrasound is used to create images of soft tissue structures around the pubic, penile and scrotal areas. The scan can also measure the flow of blood in the arteries to detect blockages potential problems. Ultrasound testing is safe and the results are immediate. The ability for us to study the internal suprapubic region at the consultation enables us to asses, in real time, the peno-pubic distance in its upper portion and therefore to estimate the size of the suspensory ligament. This in turn allows us to estimate the results obtainable shoulda patient choose to have the surgery.

The vascular study by Colour Doppler ultrasound will also allow the practitioner to evaluate the possible presence of vascular alterations of the scrotum (eg varicocele), and the correct penile haemodynamics.

3. Discussion
We will then discuss the surgical method, the type of anaesthetic, pre-surgical preparation, post-surgical care, achievable results and risks. The consultation serves to not only assess your suitability for the procedure but to clear any doubts and answer all your questions. The consultation ends only when you are completely informed.

Total Discretion
When dealing with our clinic you will be treated in the utmost confidence and with total discretion. Written communication will take place by email, not post, and phone calls will be arranged at agreed times to enable you to talk to us when it suits your schedule.

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